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Amplicomms TV 3500 TV Listener

Amplicomms TV 3500 TV Listener

Wireless TV Listener with Easy Connection

• Easy Setup without Cables

• Connect with Optical or Audio Cable for HD Sound

• 4 Sound Profiles

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Do you have issues hearing your television at home? Or have friends or family who have to have the TV on full blast? The TV3500 allows TV volume to be increased to 125dB through these lightweight in-ear earphones. These earphones have 4 audio profiles available to suit all users.

Included with the headset is the wireless remote, allowing volume and balance to be adjusted at the click of a button. The remote can also be used to select between the four different audio profiles available. Both the remote and headset are easily charged on the included dock.  The headset has a large mic button allowing TV sound to be muted. This allows ambient sounds to be listened to or to help the hard of hearing join in with conversations. When using the mic button, sounds are captured and are amplified directly to the users ears.

There are 3 easy ways to connect the TV3500 to your TV. You can connect wirelessly using the base station to directly capture and amplify the sound from the source. You can also connect via analogue audio cable with jack or by optical TOSLINK audio cable for best sound quality. Both cables are included with the device. Amplicomms pride themselves on creating top quality easy to use products to improve the life of the hard of hearing and sight. Other products in the range include big button corded and wireless phones,  hearing aid dry boxes and more.

Amplicomms TV3500 TV Headset
Transmission Mode UHF Stereo
Carrier Frequency 1.8GHz Digital
Range Up to 30 meters (open area)
Frequency Response 30 Hz - 20 KHz
Max Volume 125dB
Distortion <1.5%
Signal to noise > 70dB
Operating Voltage (Transmitter) 5 VDC, 550 mA
Operating Voltage (Receiver) 3.7V, 450 mA Lithium Polymer Battery
Operating Time Up to 6 Hours (Fully Charge)
Charging Time Approx. 2.5 Hours (Full Charge)
Weight Receiver 61g
Weight Transmitter 150g