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Amplicomms Bigtel 1583 Cordless Phone Trio

Amplicomms Bigtel 1583 Cordless Phone Trio

Amplified Cordless Phone with Answer Machine and Additional Handsets

• Trio set including two additional handsets

• 30 Minute Answer Machine

• Extra loud Call and Ringer Volume

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Loud & Clear

The Audio Boost button on the side of the handset instantly increases the volume of your call. The ringer volume can also be adjusted up to 90dB which is as loud as a power lawnmower.

These feature are especially useful if you are hard of hearing or looking to use the phone in a noisy work environment.        

No More Nuisance Calls

With two different call-block functions,  there's no need to put up with nuisance calls any more!

In Manual Mode you can block up to 100 numbers during or after the call. In Automatic mode calls are only allowed from Saved or VIP numbers.

Easy to Use Display

The large high-quality graphic display shows names and numbers clearly on an atractive blue backlit screen. 

Call duration is displayed during your conversation with Time or Handset Name displayed in Standby Mode.

Direct Dial Keys

The handset has an extra large, monochrome keypad, making it easy for people with sight or motor impairments to make calls.

The three easy-to-use direct dial keys can be programmed with your most frequently used numbers.

Easy-to-use 30 minutes answering machine

The built in answer machine with amplified message playback has a 30-minute record time. 

Set the answer machine to answer and record or answer only mode, adjust the answer delay and leave a pre-recorded or personalised message.

Key Features

Additional Handsets included

This trio set includes two additional handset

30 Minute Answering Machine

With amplified message playback

Extra Loud Call Volume

One-touch audio boost on the side of the handset (+35dB)

Extra Loud Ringer Volume

With 5 volume levels up to 90dB - that's as loud as a power lawnmower!

Call Block function

Stop nuisance callers fast with a dedicated Call Block button

Large High Quality Display

Easy-to-read blue backlist display and large clear buttons

Hands Free function

With adjustable volume control

Direct Dial Keys

3 Direct memory keys for your closest contacts

Hearing Aid Compatible

Designed to eliminate background noise and interference

Digital Router/Hub Ready

This phone is compatible and ready for the Digital Switchover

What's In The Box

3 x Cordless Handsets

3 x Cordless Base Units

3 x Mains Power Adaptors

1 x RJ11 Cable (Router)

1 x UK Line Cord (BT)

6 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries

1 x User Guide

2 Year Warranty

If a fault develops within this time period, we will happily arrange a repair or replacement.


The Bigtel 1583 Voice is a Trio set that includes the Bigtel 1580 Voice cordless telephone and two addition 1501 cordless handset for use elsewhere in the house. Place a phone in the hallway and the others in your lounge, bedroom, or conservatory.  You will not need a phone line socket for the additional handset; just somewhere to plug the power in.

The BIgtel 1580 Voice is an attractive and easy to use cordless phone that can be used by the whole family, but its range of special features make it particularly suited to people with hearing disabilities. The one-touch audio boost button on the side of the handset increases the volume of your call to make sure you can hear conversations clearly. The 95dB extra loud ringer combined with a visual call indicator will make sure that you always know when you’ve got a caller. The Amplicomms Bigtel 1580 Voice is hearing aid compatible and has been designed to eliminate background noise and interference when used with a hearing aid with a T-Coil function.

The Bigtel 1580 Voice has a 30-min answering machine and the option to directly answer calls or call one of 3 direct memory contacts from the base.  The call block function allows you to avoid nuisance calls by only allowing chosen numbers to make your phone ring.  There are several different modes available, including one which only allows calls from people in your phonebook and another which allows you create a blacklist of nuisance numbers.  Please notes that you will need to have an active “caller display” service from your phone line provider to use the call block function.

Because the Amplicomms 1580 Voice is a cordless DECT phone, you have freedom to take the handset away from the base. You might want to recline in a comfy chair without having to worry about stretching any wires, or to take your call with you as you move around your home.  You can also add additional handsets.

This Trio set includes two additional Bigtel 1501 handsets. This additional handset includes many of the features associated with the Bigtel 1580 Voice base phone such as one touch audio boost to increase the volume of your call, an extra loud ringer and hearing aid compatibility. You will not need another phone line socket for these additional phones; just somewhere to plug the power in.

Trio set including the Amplicomms Bigtel 1580 Voice and Two Additional Handsets
30-minute answering machine
3 direct memory keys on the base and handset (M1, M2, M3)
Directly answer calls from the base
One-touch audio-boost on handset side (+35dB)
Extra loud ringers (up to 90dB). That’s as loud as a leaf blower or a power mower!
Call block function with a dedicated key and an automatic mode: up to 100 entries!
Large high quality full graphic display
Hands-free function with adjustable volume
Ergonomic big button keypad
Hearing Aid Compatible

Specification Chart
Manufacturer Code ATL1423488
Large Graphic Display Yes
Backlight Yes
Shows Names & Numbers Yes
Shows Call Time Yes
Audio Boost Yes (+35dB)
Extra Loud Ringer Volume Yes (Up to 90dB)
Earpiece Volume Adjustment 5 levels
Ringtone Settings 10
Caller Dedicated Ringtones? Yes
Equaliser No
Talking Digits No
Special Features
Answer Machine Yes (30 Minutes)
Call Block Yes (manual and auto)
Directory Yes (100 contacts)
Direct Memory Keys Yes (M1, M2 and M3)
Handsfree Function Yes
Visual Call Indicator Yes
Large Button Keypad Yes
Corded or Cordless Cordless
Works Without Batteries No
Additional Handset(s) Included Yes (two additional)
SOS Alarm Wristband No
Hearing Aid Compatible Yes
Telecom Provider Services
Incoming Call Log Yes (date and time)
Voice Message Notification Yes (on display)
Caller ID (Name and/or Number) Yes (displayed before answering)
Copy Caller ID to Phonebook Yes (name and number)
Missed Caller ID Yes (notify and identify)
Technical Details
Base Dimensions (L x W x H) 110 x 80 x 80mm
Handset Dimensions (L x W x H) 177 x 30 x 52mm
Range 300m free field / 50m indoors
Handset Battery Life 10 hours talk / 100 hours standby
Number of Pairable Handsets Up to 4 units
Power Supply UK 100-240V
Batteries (Supplied) AAA 1.2V rechargeable 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UK Digital Switchover?

BT have announced that by 2025 all analogue UK phone lines will be switched off.  When this happens, your home phone will need to be compatible with a digital routers or hub.

Is this phone Ready for the UK Digital Switchover?

Yes, all of our Swissvoice, Amplicomms, and Alcatel phones have been tested by BT and Talk Talk and are ready for the UK Digital Switchover in 2025.

Our phones currently include a line cord for both the BT type and the smaller RJ11 type connector so you can easily connect to either the BT wall socket or your Digital Hub or Digital Router.

If you are concerned about how a power cut may affect your ability to make calls after the UK Digital Switchover, ask your internet provider about a battery backup system.

Is this phone Hearing Aid Compatible?

This phone is hearing aid compatible and has been designed to eliminate background noise and interference when used with a hearing aid with a T-Coil function.

How loud is this phone?

The Audio Boost function on this phone will increase the call volume to 35dB, which is six times louder than a regular home phone.  The ringer volume is adjustable to 90dB which is as loud as a power lawnmower or a shouted conversation.

Can I connect additional handsets?

You can connect up to three additional phones to each base phone.