TV will never be the same again!

TV will never be the same again!

Now you can enjoy crystal-clear TV sound and speech at the volume you choose from a pair of lightweight True Wireless earbuds. With five speech clarity levels, ambient awareness, and a super comfy fit, your TV will never be the same!

We now have the amazing new Sennheiser TV Clear Set in stock, and we’re excited to tell you a little more about this ground-breaking product. TV Clear Set enables easy-to-follow dialogue even if there is background noise or mumbled speech. It does this by boosting higher frequencies, making language much easier to understand. You can even choose from different speech clarity settings to make sure everything sounds just as you like it.

With ambient awareness turned on, you’ll always know if someone asks you a question, or the doorbell rings. It makes TV Clear Set perfect for watching TV with family and friends!  We love the great sound quality of this product – typical of Sennheiser’s outstanding pedigree in audio products.  We also love how discreet the TV Clear Set is.  No bulky over-ear solutions here. The TV Clear Set headphones fit discretely in your ears like a pair of conventional wireless earbuds.

You can connect the TV Clear Set to your TV Set with the transmitter or directly with Bluetooth or any tablet, phone or laptop.

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