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Worried about the Digital Switchover?

The technology that we currently use to make landline phone calls is changing. Landlines phones have traditionally used the Public Switched Telephone Network to make calls, but BT have taken the decision to retire the PTSN by December 2025. This means that in the future landline calls will be delivered over a new digital technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You might see this referred to as the "Digital Changeover", "Digital Phone" or "Digital Voice". Some people have already been switched over to the new digital technology. The Digital Changeover means that instead of connecting your landline phone to a traditional wall socket, you will instead need to connect it to an Internet Hub or Router.

Our phones are compatible

The good news is that all of our Alcatel, Amplicomms and Swissvoice landline phones are Digital Router / Hub ready and are compatible with the Digital Changeover. You do not need to buy a new "digital phone". All of our landline phones include both a cable to connect to a BT socket or the smaller RJ11 socket to connect to your Hub / Router.

A pause for thought

Despite the anticipated Digital Changeover deadline date of December 2025 growing closer, BT and other major Service Providers have agreed to pause forced migration to the new digital technology to allow more time for the elderly, infirm, at risk and vulnerable to make any changes necessary for care alarms and telephones currently in use.

Important Questions to ask your Service Provider

There are some important questions that you should ask your Service Provider before they switch you over to the new digital technology: Will my new landline work in a power cut? How do I check whether other devices (like care alarms or security alarms) that use my telephone line will be compatible? Will my current handset work on the new system?

There is very useful OFCOM resource that goes into great detail about the switchover and how your Service Provider should supply all the equipment you need to keep your telephone of choice connected.

Moving landline phones to digital technology: what you need to know (OFCOM)

Atlinks, the manufacturer of our Alcatel, Amplicomms and Swissvoice landline phones has also put together a useful fact sheet.

Click the following link to download it UK Digital Switchover

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